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Emergency Care

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911. To reach Bassett ACH emergency care, call 907-361-5144.

Services Provided:

Emergency Care

Urgent Care:

Urgent Care services treat non-life-threatening health issues that require immediate attention, such as sprains, the flu, colds, and other common illnesses. Bassett ACH does not have a designated Urgent Care.
If you are unsure about whether you need urgent care, contact the Military Health System Nurse Advice Line to speak to a registered nurse. Visit for web chat and video chat, or dial 1-800-874-2273.

Emergency Care:

If you are experiencing a life-threatening medical situation, including mental health emergencies, call 911 immediately, or visit Bassett ACH or your nearest hospital. Emergency care services treat life-threatening medical issues such as threats to life, limb, sight, or safety. 

How Long Will I Wait?                                

Expectation Management

Visitor Guidelines:

***Current COVID-19 Visitor Policy: One adult  escort for adult patients, two adult escorts for pediatric patients***

Normal Operating Visitor Policy - The ER has limited space in treatment rooms.  In general, no more than two visitors at a time can be in the treatment room. For the safety of patients and visitors, visitors must check-in with front desk staff and nurse before entering the treatment room.

Q: What should I do if I have a non-life-threatening health issue?
A: Call or visit an urgent care facility covered under TRICARE if you have a non-life-threatening health issue. Currently the only TRICARE covered Urgent Care in the Fairbanks area is Concentra Urgent Care, 1867 Airport Way Suite 130B, Fairbanks, AK 99701. For telehealth urgent care, beneficiaries can use  Doctor On Demand  or PM Pediatrics Anywhere. Tanana Valley 1st Care is NOT covered for TRICARE Prime beneficiaries. **Active duty urgent care is not covered off-post without a referral.
Q: What should I do if I have a life-threatening health issue?
A: Call 911 immediately to get emergency care or visit the nearest emergency room. To reach Bassett ACH Emergency Room call 907-361-5144. 
Q: What should I do if I'm unsure if I need urgent care?
AVisit for web chat and video chat, or dial 1-800-874-2273.
Q: Does Bassett ACH provide emergency care services?
A: Yes. We are open 24/7 for life-threatening health issues.

Q: Does Bassett ACH provide urgent care services?
A: No. We do not have a designated urgent care clinic.

Q: How long will I wait?

A:  It is the goal of the ER to triage patients within 10 minutes of registration. The triage nurse then categorizes the patient by severity of triage symptoms. The more severe the category the quicker patients are seen.  The ER is not a first-come-first served clinic.  After triage, the patient waits in a room for a medical provider.  At times, patients wait over two hours to see the provider. 

Q: Can I get medical advice over the phone?

A:  No. We will do our best to advise you on resources available.

Q: I had a lab/radiology test ordered. How long will I wait to get my results?

A: Common laboratory tests and radiology exams take a minimum of one hour to process. This wait time will take place in the treatment room.
A CT scan with contrast is a minimum of a three-hour wait.
Fairbanks Memorial Hospital runs all after-hour ultrasounds and emergent MRIs. Transfer of the patient to FMH will take place by ambulance. Wait times are based on FMH availability.

Q: Instead of waiting in the ER, can I get an appointment with my provider?

A: Yes. During the regular duty day, it is possible to get an appointment with your provider if there are open appointments. When possible, it is preferable to have an appointment with your provider.

Q: Can I get an MRI in the ER?

A: If the emergency room provider determines you need an emergent MRI to save life, limb, or eyesight, you will receive emergent MRI.  The emergency room physician will not order an MRI for patients presenting with chronic medical issues. Patients with chronic medical issues must see their primary care provider. 


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