Public Health

Industrial Hygiene

Services Provided:

  • Worksite Assessments
  • Breathing Zone Air Monitoring
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Ergonomic Assessment
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Engineering, PPE and other controls


Q: What do I do if I find mold in my home?
A: Mold and mildew are common where there is high humidity or frequent condensation. Examples are bathrooms, showers and windowsills. Condensation can build up on windowsills during the winter, especially when covered with a blanket, shade, or thick curtains intended to block sunlight.  You can easily maintain surface mold and mildew through regular cleaning.  The use of bleach or Clorox wipes can help to inhibit the regrowth of mildew. Addressing chronic issues in bathrooms may be necessary, as they might be indicative of insufficient ventilation. If you find mold growth you believe is due to a water leak or other issue more serious than discussed here, contact North Haven immediately.

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