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Medical Exceptional Family Member Program - EFMP

What is the EFMP?

The EFMP is a program offered by each service to support families with special medical and educational needs throughout the service member’s career. Family members should enroll in EFMP when a qualifying condition is diagnosed. Each branch has its own EFMP and enrollment process.

EFMP family support services are available at your installation. The family support services team is your main point of contact for EFMP information.
They can connect you with:
  • Military Support Services and Resources
  • Community Support Services and Resources
The family support services team can also answer specific EFMP questions based on your branch or installation.

Military One Source

Visit the Special Needs Resources page on Military One Source for more information about the EFMP.

Services Provided:

  • Identify and enroll family members with special medical or educational needs
  • Support families with information and referrals
  • EFMP enrollments and updates
  • Family Member Travel Screening,
  • Command Sponsorship

How to make an EFMP screening appointment:

Please email:

Important Documents:

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Q: What is the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)?

A: EFMP works with other military and civilian agencies to provide community support. Support includes housing, education and medical services to families with special needs. Enrollment in the EFMP documents family members with special needs. Enrollment protects family member’s special needs during the service member’s assignment process. 

Q: What is a Family Member Travel Screening?

A: The Family Member Travel Screening ensures assignments for service members are to locations that can support their families’ needs.

Q: Why do I have to enroll in EFMP even though I do not want to?

A: Enrollment in the EFMP is mandatory for Active Duty Service members by AR 608-75.

Q: When do I need to update my EFMP status?

A: Updates are required when a registered family member's special needs change, or at least every three years, whichever occurs first.

Q: Who decides if my family can PCS to a certain location?

A: Human Resources Command makes the decision on soldier assignments.


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