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Obstetrics & Gynecology - OB/GYN

Services Provided:

  • Obstetric care for routine and complicated patients
  • Medical and surgical management of gynecologic issues

How to make an appointment:

The women’s health clinic is a referral only clinic.  You cannot self-refer.  Please see your provider if you have a positive home pregnancy test or for any gynecologic issues for a referral.

The Purple Book: 
A goal oriented guide to prenatal care, called Pregnancy and Childbirth, is in digital form and you will receive a QR code at your first appointment to get access to the full document.

Schedule of Routine OB appointments (For a list of what to expect at each appointment, consult your purple book)

7-9 weeks gestation: Dating ultrasound appointment
8-10 weeks gestation: Telephonic Intake appointment with RN
10-12 weeks gestation: New OB appointment
16 weeks gestation: Return OB appointment
18-22 weeks Anatomy Ultrasound- typically done in BACH radiology department, may be sent off post on a case by case basis.
24 weeks gestation: Return OB appointment
28 weeks gestation: Return OB appointment
32 weeks gestation: Return OB appointment
36 weeks gestation: Return OB appointment
39 weeks gestation: Return OB appointment
40 weeks gestation: Return OB appointment
41 weeks gestation: Antepartum Fetal Testing appointment or Induction of labor scheduled
Postpartum appointment scheduled at 6-8 weeks postpartum

**Schedule is subject to change**

Centering Pregnancy

Centering Pregnancy is a is a program providing prenatal care in a group format with patients sharing similar due date months. These groups are made up of approximately eight to 10 women and are facilitated by the same midwife and nurse for each visit. The group appointments are two hours long and include listening to baby's heartbeat, vital signs and review/ordering of labs and ultrasounds. Each time the group meets, there is a different focus from breastfeeding to labor signs and symptoms. At each group appointment, participants will also have one-on-one time with the provider. If you choose to participate in Centering, this will be the format for all your prenatal care.

Cervical Exams

Cervical exams during pregnancy will be done on a case by case basis, however will not typically be done until at least 39 weeks gestation.

Recommended Vaccines in Pregnancy per CDC:

Tdap—for whooping cough recommended at 27-36 weeks gestation
Flu shot—during flu season

Types of Delivery Providers at Bassett ACH


Certified Nurse Midwives are highly trained, all holding a master's degree in nurse-midwifery, and have a wealth of experience.  Their focus is in women’s health, pregnancy, and childbirth.


An obstetrician-gynecologist, or OB-GYN, is a physician that has specialized training in gynecological issues, pregnancy and childbirth.  

Our goal is to allow each patient to have a safe and satisfying birth experience. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for mothers and babies.


Q: My home pregnancy test shows I am pregnant. How do I get it confirmed to begin OB care?
A: Contact your healthcare team to request a urine pregnancy test. A member of the team will order your lab test to be done here at the Bassett ACH Lab. With a confirmed positive test, your healthcare team will contact you and a referral will be entered for OB. The OB clinic will contact you within three business days to schedule your first appointment. Please be sure have voice mail set up so we can leave a message.
Q: I have seen my provider, my pregnancy has been confirmed, and my referral has been entered to the obstetric clinic, what can I expect next?
A: After your referral is placed, it will be reviewed and a staff member will generally contact you within 72 business hours schedule your first visit. Please make sure your phone number is accurate in DEERS and your voice mail is set up so we can leave a message.  A dating ultrasound is your first appointment, generally around 8-9 weeks gestation.  The second appointment is a group intake class between 9-11 weeks gestation. No children allowed at this group class. The group intake provides you with multiple educational materials and information to help answer the many questions you may have about your pregnancy care and OB services offered at Bassett ACH.
Q: Why do I see a different provider for my OB appointments?
A: Our OB Clinic works as a group practice, meaning you may see multiple providers during your pregnancy. Providers are not in clinic every day since they work on the Maternal Newborn Unit for day, night and weekend shifts. As a result you may not be able to see the same provider for each appointment if they are not scheduled in clinic during the time frame you need an appointment. Additionally, because you do not know which provider will be on the MNU when you are giving birth, this gives you a chance to meet more than one provider.
Q: Can I request a specific provider?
A: Patients can request a specific provider when scheduling an appointment. If the provider has availability in the correct timeframe for the specific type of appointment you need, the MSA will book you with that provider.
Q: Can I sign up for childbirth classes at Bassett ACH?
A: No. We do not offer childbirth classes at this time.

The hospital lactation consultant offers breastfeeding assistance. Call 361-5958 to schedule your lactation consultation 
Q: How do I schedule a gynecology appointment?
A: The women’s health clinic (Obstetrics and Gynecology) is a referral only clinic.  Please see your provider for any gynecologic issues.  If necessary, your provider places a referral to GYN on your behalf and scheduler places a call to you, generally within three business days of receiving the referral. Please make sure your phone number is accurate in DEERS and your voice mail is set up so we can leave a message. 
Q: What are my birth control options?
A: Both the family practice clinic and women’s health clinic offer multiple birth control options.  If family practice cannot provide you with your desired birth control option, your provider places a referral to GYN on your behalf.  Both clinics offer OCPs (the Pill), Depo Provera, Nuva Ring, IUDs, and Nexplanon. In addition to medical options, an OBGYN can off surgical options such as tubal ligation for permanent contraception. Vasectomy for male partners can be completed in the Family Medicine Clinic or by General Surgery.  We also offer a walk-in contraception clinic every Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on a first come, first served basis and will provide contraception without a referral. We will also remove IUDs and Nexplanon if you are getting another form of birth control. If you only desire a removal of birth control then you will need to make a regular appointment.
Q: Do you offer infertility treatments?
A: There are requirements to receive a referral to the women’s health clinic for infertility issues. Please discuss your concerns with your provider to get a referral to our clinic.  Once referred, our clinic orders lab tests and any necessary ultrasounds or radiology procedures based on your history.  We then create a plan of care for you. We have minimal infertility treatments available at our clinic, which are limited to oral ovulation induction agents such as Clomid and Letrazole.  If your diagnosis requires treatments beyond ovulation induction, you may be recommended care in the civilian community or a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist. Treatment options not available at Bassett ACH are not covered by TRICARE and will have an associated out of pocket cost.

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