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News | Jan. 26, 2022

Goal setting: achieving nutrition goals

By Lt. Emily Lauer

Ringing in the New Year often means ringing in a new set of resolutions. Many resolutions include goals related to nutrition and fitness such as “I want to eat healthier” or “I want to lose weight”. While these goals are well intended, they can be even better by turning them into SMART goals.
So, what are SMART Goals?
S – Specific: State exactly what needs to be accomplished. The ‘who, what and where for each goal.
M – Measurable: What are the criteria to evaluate if the goal has been met?
A: Achievable: The goal should be challenging but also attainable. Small changes over time can make a big difference.
R: Relevant: Is the goal helping to reach the ultimate goal?
Time-Bound: Set a target date and checkpoints. This will help to stay on track and not stray from the set goals.
For example, a goal such as, “I want to eat more vegetables,” can be changed from a general statement to a SMART goal by asking the SMART questions.
What does “more” mean? How long do we have to achieve this? Is it relevant to my overall goal?
A SMART goal for incorporating more vegetables would be, “I want to add one serving of vegetables to both lunch and dinner meals at least three times a week for one month.” This new goal has an amount to measure and a period to track your progress.
The nutrition division staff at Bassett Army Community Hospital challenge our community to set two or three nutrition goals in January and keep at them. To help, we will offer “Foodie Friday” which will give tips on healthy eating and a new recipe to try.
For questions, or to set up an appointment to meet with our nutritionist, call (907) 361-5163.
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